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Web development

5 Best Udemy Courses for Aspiring Web Developers 2022

The best investment is for yourself. Learn more to Earn more with these 5 Best Udemy Courses for Aspiring Web Developers.

Cheat Sheets

Useful Resources for Web Developers

Here’s some useful resources for Web Developers like you! Download now and try these great online sites for your web dev projects!

Web development

Affordable Web Hosting: A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Web Host

Planning to launch your website soon? Go find the best web hosting service for your needs with the help of this guide.

Cheat Sheets

HTML5 LINKS Cheat Sheet

Here’s how to create links in 6 ways. Download this HTML5 Links Cheat Sheet to help you create links with ease, guaranteed!

Web development

How To Use The a href element Like An Expert

Build your internal linking by using the a href element. Here’s how to use the a href element in HTML like an expert.

Web development

7 Front-End Web Development Tips for Beginners and Career Shifters

Struggling to start learning front-end web development? Here are 7 Front-End Web Dev tips for beginners and career shifters.

Cheat Sheets

Complete HTML5 Cheat Sheet [2022]

Here’s a complete HTML5 Cheat Sheet to guide you on your journey to web development. Tailor-made for you by a front-end web dev for 10 years!

Front End Blogs - 7 web dev myths
Web development

7 Myths Stopping You From Becoming a Web Dev

Myths are sometimes enough to derail someone’s intentions to become a web developer. So let’s try to debunk 7 common myths related to web development that I encountered in the last 12 years of learning it.

Front End Blogs - Eye for Design

5 Powerful Ways to Train your Eye for Design

You don’t have to be a great designer to spot the OK, from GOOD and GREAT. But surprisingly, businesses are losing 70% of customer purchases because of bad user experience. Would you have a meal at a restaurant where you don’t like the ambiance? Let’s talk about Eye for Design.

Front End Blogs - Nikz Cruzalde

Hello, I’m Nikz, a Front-end specialist based in the Philippines who is fascinated by web development, design, creative writing, and education.


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Author's note

I make websites for a living for more than ten years and I also teach what I know to students who want to become web developers or programmers. I enjoy helping them with a slightly strict approach, but not too much :).

I’m also running a small clothing line for programmers called Web Raccoon Clothing, and a start-up named that provides wedding websites for soon-to-weds.

Currently, I am a Front End Specialist; grinding out WordPress projects; starting to write my own book that I hope can help you with your web development journey, and gaming when I have free time.

When I’m not tossing code, you can find me hanging out with the love of my life and our two dogs doing some outdoor activities.

Hope you enjoy my Front-end blogs and I can’t wait to get in touch with you!


Front End Blogs - Nikz Cruzalde